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  Nature Valuation and Financing Network

The aim of the Network (NV&F) is to stimulate the development and exchange of practical tools and best practice for the valuation of ecosystem goods and services, so that decisions concerning economic development are made with full awareness and understanding of all the costs and benefits involved.
The site offers features such as: a publication database which provides the opportunity to both download and upload relevant information, a case study database for identifying related case studies in the field, discussion platforms where members can communicate within an online forum and national platforms, specifically tailored to a certain country.

At this moment we are transfering this website, services and the user groups of this website to the new website of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). This process has been started in May 2012 which the launch of the new ESP website.
Therefore also some of the NVF services are no longer available.


For more information please see the ESP website.

Present users are encouraged to contact the ESP secretariat.


Valuation Methods & Guidelines

Financing Ecosystem Services

Valuation in Decision Making

Managing Ecosystem Services

National Platforms


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